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Iranian Freedomfighter and CIA Informant Warns the West

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United Nations Sanctions – U.S. troops are already in Iran

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Iran Has Killed 182 Iraqi Pilots Who Fought in Iran-Iraq War

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A brief paragraph in the mountain of Wikileaks documents shed a sliver of light on what officials claim is a vicious and coldly efficient Iranian campaign of revenge on Iraqi air force pilots who bombed Iran during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s.

“Many former Iraqi fighter pilots who flew sorties against Iran during the Iran-Iraq war were now on Iran’s hit list, Iran had already assassinated 180 Iraqi pilots.” the Dec. 14, 2009 confidential U.S. cable stated.

Iran used the chaos in the aftermath of the invasion to settle scores from the Iran-Iraq war, an eight-year slug fest from 1980 to 1988 in which an estimated 500,000 Iranians and Iraqis died. The war was largely a bloody standoff that resembled World War I at times with trench warfare, poison gas, human wave and bayonet attacks.

Iran, however, has taken a special vengeance on the pilots of the Iraqi air force and the lawlessness that followed the collapse of Saddam’s regime gave Iran its opportunity.

In addition to the 182 pilots who have been hunted down and killed by Iranian agents, the assassination campaign prompted another 800 Iraqi pilots to flee the country, according to statistics released by the Iraqi Defense Ministry.

The targeting of air force pilots began in Baghdad’s largely Shiite neighborhood of Karradah and reached its peak in the holy month of Ramadan in 2005 when 36 pilots were gunned down in that neighborhood.

Residents of Karradah refer to that killing season as the Black Ramadan.

The Iranian fury was on display in the death of former pilot Sayyid Hussien, a Shiite who felt that he was relatively safe running a hardware store in the Sunni neighborhood of Ghazaliyah. He was wrong. Shiite militia dressed all in black and wearing masks shot him dead in a daylight hit, emptying an entire magazine of 30 bullets into Hussien’s head.

Iranian officials in Baghdad and Washington did not respond to repeated calls for response to the allegations.

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The IraN-IraQ War. Never Forget, Never Forgive!

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Considered as the bloodiest war of the century right after the Armenian Genocide by the Turks!

Iran-Contra Affair – CIA Director William Casey Allegations

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Republican Victory and US Afghan Iran Policy

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Robert Naiman: War critics defeated, Republican hawks control House; Libertarians a wild card

Britain needs cyber attack capability

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Britain should have an offensive ability to launch computer attacks to deter aggressors as part of a growing emphasis on cyber warfare, a British minister said — and potential enemies should know its capabilities were already “considerable.”

Despite broad cuts to government spending, including on defense, cyber security will receive greater funding. Britain announced a 650 million pound ($1.05 billion) program last month, labeling it a key priority.

As computer systems become more vital in the control of essential services, from power grids to banking, computerized attacks are seen as becoming as important a part of nations’ arsenals as conventional or nuclear weaponry.

“We face a variety of threats in the cyber domain,” armed forces minister Nick Harvey told Reuters on Tuesday after giving a speech on cyber policy at London think tank Chatham House.

“In every other domain (of warfare) you have the concept of deterrence and … in the fullness of time we would expect to get into a position where people understood our capabilities.”

He said: “I don’t think other countries who know anything about this are in any doubt that we have considerable capabilities in this field.

“If they have paid any attention to our security and defense review, they will have seen the signs of clear intent to remain well placed in this domain.”

In his speech, Harvey had said the ability to electronically “turn out the lights” of a potential adversary would provide policymakers with wider options than simply a conventional military attack.

Experts say the Stuxnet computer worm identified mostly this year and widely suspected to have been built by a state intelligence agency to attack the Iranian nuclear program — shows the increasing sophistication of cyber weaponry.

The so-called Iranian Cyber Army, a group of hackers with alleged links to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, is reportedly getting into the botnet business.

The group, which hacked Twitter and Chinese search engine Baidu last year, has been offering its services on the cyber black market by renting access to its botnet, PCWorld reports. Last month, the group took credit for cyber attacking TechCrunch’s European website.

French Pilots Bombed Iran During Iran-Iraq war

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The West helped Saddam to plan attack on Iran. Provided Saddam with weapons, Missiles and Chemical Weapons. Even when Saddam didn’t have enough pilots to attack Iran, the French provided him with their own pilot to attack Iran. One Million people were killed on each side. About half were Iranians.