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Fmr. CIA Spy: Iran Will Use Nukes Against Israel, West – CBN.com

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Iranian arms cache causes diplomatic rift

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A shipment of Iranian arms discovered in Nigeria in October and destined for Gambia, to the chagrin of neighbouring Senegal, has stirred up diplomatic troubles between Tehran, Dakar and Banjul.

“There are many things I will not say on this subject. Diplomacy does not happen in broad daylight,” Senegal’s Foreign Minister Madicke Niang told reporters in Dakar last week.

The arms cache mystery, which has strained international diplomatic ties, began in July when a ship belonging to the French group CMA-CGM docked in Lagos, Nigeria, offloading containers loaded in Iran’s Bandar Abbas port.

Officially, the shipment contained construction material, but customs discovered at least 10 containers holding grenades, mortars and heavy weapons ammunition.

The trader designated by CMA-CGM as the sender, Iranian businessman Azim Aghajani, took refuge at Iran’s embassy in Abuja but was charged along with three Nigerians on November 25 for trafficking illegal arms.

According to Nigeria, Aghajani is also a member of Iran’s ideological army, the Revolutionary Guards.

Iran’s former foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki — who was fired last week while on a trip to Senegal — initially said the arms shipment was from a “private company” selling weapons to a West African country, and was only transiting through Nigeria.

Different sources identified this country as Gambia, the smallest nation on the African continent, which is wedged into Senegal.

However the mystery arms cache has continued to have diplomatic repercussions, which began when Gambia announced on November 22 it was cutting all ties with Iran and ordered diplomats to leave the country.

On December 14, Dakar recalled its ambassador to Tehran.

“We were told that these are private Iranians (who organized the arms operation) but this cannot be done without the knowledge of an organised state,” said Niang.


Former Iran’s Foreign Minister – Holocaust Denier, Human Rights Violator and Supporter of Terrorism

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Iran violates arms embargo again and again

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A U.N. committee has investigated two apparent violations of the Iranian arms embargo, the head of the committee told the Security Council Friday.

Tsuneo Nishida, the Japanese ambassador to the United Nations, said both violations occurred in the past three months, CNN reported.

In one case, a country reported finding 13 shipping containers of arms apparently originating in Iran, he said. In another case, a country seized a container of explosives being shipped from Iran to Syria.

The Security Council, in a 2007 resolution, banned the export of arms from Iran. U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said Nishida’s report shows Iran’s behavior is unchanged.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to Iran’s actions, not much has changed since we last met,” she said. “Iran continues to violate its obligations.”

Gary Samore, President Barack Obama’s top adviser on non-proliferation, said in a speech to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies that the United States and its allies will ratchet up sanctions if Iran continues on its present course. He said they will “test how high Iran’s pain threshold is.”

“I’m glad to hear that they are having problems with their centrifuge machines,” he told a conference in Washington, referring to the centrifuges used to enrich uranium. “The US and its allies are trying to do everything that we can to ensure that we complicate matters for them.”

“It’s important that we take additional measures,” Mr. Samore said. “That’s a way of correcting any impression that the Iranians might have that just talking for the sake of talking is going to in any way get out of them out of the sanctions noose that is tightening around their throats.”

In a report on Stuxnet issued this week, the US Congressional Research Service said: “States appear to possess a motive to develop Stuxnet because, unlike other forms of malware, the worm is not designed to steal information, but rather to target and disrupt control systems and disable operations.”

There are some experts who believe the main Stuxnet’s target was China and not Iran but the mainstream media likes to turn the attentions to Iran.

Dispatch: WikiLeaks and Iran’s Nuclear Program

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Robert Gates rejects military solution for Iranian nuclear

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The American minister of defense Robert Gates claim that military action against Iran is not effective during an interview .

Interview with World Expert on Anti-Semitism: Danger is Real

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According to Professor Robert S. Wistrich, Neuberger chair for Modern European History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, anti-Semitism is very much alive and growing worse every day.

Signs of a Nuclear War are surfacing more

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North Korea is supplying banned nuclear and ballistic equipment to Iran, Syria and Myanmar using “surreptitious” means to avoid international sanctions, according to a UN report released Friday.

North Korea is involved with “the surreptitious transfer of nuclear-related and ballistic missile-related equipment, know-how and technology” to countries including Iran, Syria and Myanmar, said the report.

A UN sanctions committee panel of experts called for heightened vigilance to stop the nuclear trade and for more detailed investigation into the sophisticated means used by North Korea to circumvent sanctions.

It did not give details but said North Korea used “masking techniques” including mislabeling containers, falsifying ships’ manifests and destination details “and use of multiple layers of intermediaries, shell companies, and financial institutions.”

The experts “expressed concern that certain countries, such as the Syrian Arab Republic, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Myanmar, continue to be associated with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in regard to proscribed activities and believes that special attention should be taken by all member states to inhibit such activities.

North Korea staged one nuclear test in 2006 and claims it set off another nuclear device in 2009, when the last sanctions were imposed. The UN Security Council has banned trade in nuclear and ballistic material.

International Atomic Energy Agency director Yukiya Amano said this week that the stand-off with North Korea was now “very bad”.

China has been the North’s main ally on the international stage and it had blocked the report since it was prepared in May, diplomats said.

Ehud Barak Reacts to Graham Comment Of Obama Having To Attack Iran By 2012

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Airing Date Nov.06, 2010 in Halifax Canada

Syria on the same track with Iran

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The United States warned Syria on Friday it may face action by governors of the United Nations nuclear watchdog if Damascus fails to give its inspectors access to the remains of a suspected nuclear site in the desert.

It has been over two years since the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was allowed to visit the Dair Alzour site in Syria where secret nuclear activity may have taken place before it was bombed to rubble by Israel in 2007.

Syria is now seen as unlikely to yield to a special inspection. Diplomats and analysts believe the IAEA will refrain from escalating the dispute at a time of rising tension with Iran, which the West suspects of seeking nuclear weapons.

If Syria were to reject a request for a special inspection, the 35-nation IAEA board could vote to refer the issue to the UN Security Council, as it did with Iran’s dossier four years ago. The board next convenes in early December.

Glyn Davies, Washington’s IAEA envoy, said in a speech posted on the U.S. mission’s website on Friday it was “urgent and essential” that Syria heed UN inspectors’ requests for extended access to sites, personnel and material.

“Absent clear action by Syria to cooperate fully with the IAEA, we are rapidly approaching a situation where the (IAEA) board (of governors) and secretariat must consider all available measures and authorities…,” he said.