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MirHossein Mousavi: Wikileaks exposed Iran’s ‘vulnerability’

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on December 13, 2010

Iranian opposition leader, MirHossein Mousavi says he supports the formation of a unified front that includes all the opposition movements in Iran.

In an interview with Ghalam Sabz internet newspaper, Mousavi, who has always resisted ideas of a centralized opposition organization and insisted that the opposition has the shape of interconnected social networks, said that he would now support a unified organization so long as “it has the form of a coalition front, and from its very formation, considers itself a companion to the Green Movement and other grassroots organizations such as the labour, women’s, student and teachers movements and it is not after weakening any other organization.”

Mousavi maintained that his insistence on the social networks model was due to the widespread arrest and violence exercised against the reformists.

Mousavi went on to refer to the sermon of Tehran Friday Mass Prayers Leader this week, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati who stated that the reform movement (which the conservatives refer to as sedition) are not sitting idle; they are like a fire under the ashes.”

Mousavi claimed that “The continued oppression and failure of the government to recognize the truth in addition to state lies, violations of the law, corruption and incompetence in domestic and international policies” will spread the reach of this burning fire from under the ashes.

The opposition leader also touched on the recent documents released on Wikileaks and maintained that while the Islamic Republic has been “imagining that it is convincing the Vatican, the US and European leaders, it has missed out on honing constructive relationships with its regional neighbors.”

Wikileaks documents state that a number of Arab nations in the region have supported the option of a military attack on Iran.

Mousavi also referred to the documents revealing “Israeli policy of fomenting ethnic differences in Iran” and warned the people to remain alert against such provocations.

Social Networking Phobia

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on August 20, 2010

As we known, there are so many people in different groups, ages, and genders that use social networking sites. Social Networking is the grouping of individuals groups based on specific interest that members of the group may share or other words refers to as web-based services a list of other users with whom they share a connection.

There are many online Social Networks group that have become established, including Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr and Twitter. Usually, these kinds of networks are used for the users to connect their real friends and families, such as sharing their own pictures and easier for them to communicate rather than talk on the phone and e-mail.

Social networking Phobia, or socialis commissura phobia, is caused by the fear of posting something online and then having your posts or photos found by someone you know, or maybe even your employer or future employer.

As more and more people get online and start using social networking sites, more and more people are in danger of having their personal lives found out. If you post something about your sex life and your mom found it, you might be devastated. If you post photos of you at a wild party and your boss found it, you could be fired.

Generalized social phobia is characterized by fear/avoidance of social situations and fear of being judged negatively by others,” the authors write as background information in the article. “It is the most common anxiety disorder in the general population, with the lifetime prevalence estimated at 13.3 percent, and it is associated with a high risk for depression, alcohol and drug abuse and suicide.” What matters is that Social Phobia and Social networking Phobia are same concept but the second one is for our age.