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EU says up to IAEA to inspect Iranian nuclear facilities

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The European Union’s executive said on Wednesday it was up to the U.N. nuclear watchdog to inspect Iranian atomic facilities, after Tehran invited EU envoys to tour the sites this month.

The European Commission said it had yet to reply to the invitation sent to some ambassadors, including the EU’s, accredited to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, weeks before a second round of talks between Iran and six world powers on its disputed nuclear ambitions.

Iran invited the EU as well as China, Russia and others to visit, in a move that raised questions in the West as to whether it constituted a genuine step towards more nuclear transparency or a public relations stunt meant to divide major powers and buy time for further atomic advances.

The West suspects Iran’s nuclear programme is directed at developing bombs.

The EU said inspections should be carried out by specialists from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), rather than ambassadors to the U.N. watchdog who were invited by Tehran.

“We haven’t answered the letter,” a European Commission spokesman told a regular news briefing on Wednesday, after being asked whether the EU had accepted or rejected Tehran’s offer.

“But what we want to underline is that there is a process going on and it is for the IAEA to inspect the Iranian nuclear facilities … They have people to inspect them.”


Iran & North Korea Working Together (1.2.11)

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Iran invites EU, others to nuke sites after barring IAEA constantly

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Iran has invited Russia, China, the European Union and its allies among the Arab and developing world to tour its nuclear sites, in an apparent move to gain support ahead of a new round of talks with six world powers.

In a letter made available Monday to The Associated Press, senior Iranian envoy Ali Asghar Soltanieh suggests the weekend of Jan. 15 and 16 for the tour and says that meetings “with high ranking officials” are envisaged.

While no reason was given for the timing of the offer, it comes just weeks before Iran and the six powers follow up on recent talks that ended with agreement on little else but to meet again.

The new round between Tehran, and the permanent U.N. Security Council members — the U.S. Russia, China, Britain, France — plus Germany, is tentatively set for Istanbul, Turkey in late January.

It is meant to explore whether there is common ground for more substantive talks on Iran’s nuclear program, viewed by the U.S, and its allies as a cover for secret plans to make nuclear arms — something Tehran denies.

As we all know there is an International Atomic Energy Agency which barred from Iran for investigations and Islamic republic probably has a show going on after barring over 40 investigators which wanted to investigate the sites that they suspect not the ones that the regime plans to demonstrate.

Islamic regime plays with world to extend the time to reach to their aims. Last month the head of Iran’s atomic energy organization said on television that Iran had achieved the ability to produce its own yellow cake, uranium powder that is a step in the process for creating nuclear fuel.

He said the breakthrough, using uranium ore mined in southern Iran, signified the country’s full self-sufficiency in the production of uranium, cutting out the need for imported material.


Iran Uranium Mines in Venezuela – CBN.com

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Evidence that Iran is mining for uranium in Venezuela…

Iran Trains Venezuelan Security Forces

Chavez Helping Iran Beat U.N. Sanctions – CBN.com

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CBN News reports that the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, is helping Iran to beat U.N. sanctions…

WikiLeaks Julian Assange Insight w/ Andy Greenberg

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U.S. Faces Diplomatic Crisis Following Massive WikiLeaks Release

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The whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has begun releasing a giant trove of confidential American diplomatic cables that is sending shockwaves through the global diplomatic establishment.

Watch the rest in YouTube.

Several years of preparation for the Stuxnet attack

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The enigmatic Stuxnet worm has reportedly caused thousands of Iranian centrifuges used for the enrichment of uranium to grind to an unceremonious halt.

According to the Associated Press, diplomats currently lack specifics on the exact nature of the “temporary” shutdown.

However, suspicions have thus far focused on Stuxnet – which many experts believe is precisely calibrated to destroy centrifuges by sending them spinning out of control.

“It is obvious that several years of preparation went into the design of this [Stuxnet] attack,” German computer security expert Ralph Langner opined in a recent report quoted by the Jerusalem Post.

“[I would compare it to] the arrival of an F-35 fighter jet on a World War I battlefield… [It is obviously] much superior to anything ever seen before, and to what was assumed possible.”

A September report from the IAEA said an enrichment facility at Natanz houses about 8,800 centrifuges, but only about 3,700 are operating.

The centrifuges are also operating at only 60 percent of capacity and Iran for some reason has removed hundreds of the machines.

Meanwhile North Korea has secretly and quickly built a new, highly sophisticated facility to enrich uranium, according to an American nuclear scientist, raising fears that the North is ramping up its atomic program despite international pressure.

The facility had 2,000 recently completed new centrifuges and the North told it was producing low-enriched uranium meant for a new reactor.

I’m not saying these two incidents are related, but there is a possibility that Iran asked North Korea to boost up because they’ve got production problems after Stuxnet attack. It deserves proper investigations in my opinion.

High-grade heroin was bound for Europe

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A massive drug seizure by Nigerian authorities yielded $9.9 million in high-grade heroin bound for Europe, Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said Saturday.

The agency credited intelligence from the United States in helping intercept the shipment, found hidden among auto parts on a container aboard a vessel that originated in Iran.

“We sincerely appreciate the partnership with the United States as it is empowering our drug control capacity,” said Ahmadu Giade, the chairman and chief executive of the drug agency.

“The relationship has been mutually beneficial and it will be further consolidated as we plan to vitiate more drug trafficking networks globally. International partnership is crucial in winning the war against narcotics,” he said.

The shipment was seized in the Apapa port in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city. It was not clear when the seizure was carried out.

Some arrests were made, the agency said in a statement Friday, though it did not provide any details.

Last month, Nigeria’s security service said it had seized 13 shipping containers filled with illegal weapons, including rockets, grenades and bullets — believed also to have come from Iran.

Nigeria reported Iran to the U.N. Security Council after the arms seizure.

These evidences show that Iran’s regime is systematically involving in Drug Traffic to Europe and supplying weapons to terrorists.

Stuxnet Cyber Worm Spreads

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The Stuxnet computer worm originally designed to target Iran’s nuclear plants has spread around the world in the past few months, and now U.S. security experts are warning that the worm could be modified to attack industrial control systems around the world.