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Hariri slams Iran’s supreme leader

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Lebanon’s Saudi-backed ruling camp on Tuesday brushed aside comments by Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who dismissed a UN probe into the murder of former premier Rafiq Hariri as “null”.

“This is Iran’s position,” Prime Minister Saad Hariri, son of the slain Sunni Muslim ex-premier, told a news conference.

“We have nothing but respect for Ayatollah Khamenei, and we fully respect all of his opinions, which he is free to hold,” he added.

“We in Lebanon, as a government, have our own views of the tribunal,” said Hariri, who heads a deeply divided cabinet.

“There is no doubt that all parties have their own views on this matter, but when it comes to international resolutions, they are international resolutions.”

But MPs of Hariri’s pro-Western Future Movement struck a less conciliatory tone, lashing out openly at Iranian cleric.

“It seems that Ayatollah Khamenei’s remarks aim to undermine calm in Lebanon and across the Arab world,” Ammar Houry told AFP.

“Khamenei’s statements signal (Iran’s) cover for certain local political positions … or at least for Hezbollah,” said Jamal al-Jarrah, another Future Movement legislator.


Fmr. CIA Spy: Iran Will Use Nukes Against Israel, West – CBN.com

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Iranian arms cache causes diplomatic rift

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A shipment of Iranian arms discovered in Nigeria in October and destined for Gambia, to the chagrin of neighbouring Senegal, has stirred up diplomatic troubles between Tehran, Dakar and Banjul.

“There are many things I will not say on this subject. Diplomacy does not happen in broad daylight,” Senegal’s Foreign Minister Madicke Niang told reporters in Dakar last week.

The arms cache mystery, which has strained international diplomatic ties, began in July when a ship belonging to the French group CMA-CGM docked in Lagos, Nigeria, offloading containers loaded in Iran’s Bandar Abbas port.

Officially, the shipment contained construction material, but customs discovered at least 10 containers holding grenades, mortars and heavy weapons ammunition.

The trader designated by CMA-CGM as the sender, Iranian businessman Azim Aghajani, took refuge at Iran’s embassy in Abuja but was charged along with three Nigerians on November 25 for trafficking illegal arms.

According to Nigeria, Aghajani is also a member of Iran’s ideological army, the Revolutionary Guards.

Iran’s former foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki — who was fired last week while on a trip to Senegal — initially said the arms shipment was from a “private company” selling weapons to a West African country, and was only transiting through Nigeria.

Different sources identified this country as Gambia, the smallest nation on the African continent, which is wedged into Senegal.

However the mystery arms cache has continued to have diplomatic repercussions, which began when Gambia announced on November 22 it was cutting all ties with Iran and ordered diplomats to leave the country.

On December 14, Dakar recalled its ambassador to Tehran.

“We were told that these are private Iranians (who organized the arms operation) but this cannot be done without the knowledge of an organised state,” said Niang.


Former Iran’s Foreign Minister – Holocaust Denier, Human Rights Violator and Supporter of Terrorism

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Iran-Contra Affair – CIA Director William Casey Allegations

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Hillel Neuer Slams Iran on CTV’s “Canada AM” Show

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Hillel Neuer slams Iranian President Ahmadinejad for anti-semitism, salutes Canadian PM Harper for principled positions on Middle East.

CNN report: Iran´s Shia influence

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CNN’s Errol Barnett talks with Afshin Molavi about Iran’s Shia identity and its regional sphere of influence.

Dispatch: WikiLeaks and Iran’s Nuclear Program

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Iran Using All The Holy Names For The Sake Of Their Interests

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Ex-CIA Spy to Congress: Help Iranians Topple Regime

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