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Twitter Exposes WikiLeaks Court Order

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Toward 2012 -Web Democracy

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Ken Jordan is the co-founder of evolver and http://www.realitysandwich.com, he is a pioneer in the field of alternative social networks and strong advocate of an unregulated internet. This episode explores the initial motivations for creating the internet, and how it differs in its structure from previous means of mass communication.

Twitter’s enhanced experience

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Twitter is unique because it is 140 characters or less when posting. Some think this is a limiting feature, but it forces people to be direct, leave out the fluff, and frees people up to communicate directly with their ‘followers’. The other advantage of Twitter is mobility, cutting the tether most of us have to our desktop computers.

The mobile team at Twitter has rolled out a new feature called Fast Follow, and its genius lies in its simplicity: text “follow [account]” to 40404 (Twitter’s U.S. short code) and you’ll immediately start getting that account’s tweets via SMS—without ever signing up for Twitter.

The applications for small businesses and storefronts are obvious; suddenly, there’s a super-simple call to action you can post above the cash register. But there are some really interesting media applications, as well—especially because we know that 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery and 99% are read eventually. It’s a powerful medium.

Twitter has been working hard to improve their sharing experience. They’ve streamlined the process to make sharing easier, and, all shared links will be automatically shortened with Twitter’s new URL shortener. Flicker and You tube are compatible now also more than ever before with Twitter.

 All current AddThis integrations already support this new Twitter sharing experience. There’s nothing that you need to change to take advantage of Twitter’s enhanced experience.

Secondly, much like the support for other third party sharing buttons, if you’ve already got AddThis on your website then with just an extra line of code you’ll be able to add Twitter’s new Tweet button to your site.

Everyday there are exciting new developments in the Social Web World which help get your content in front of new and bigger audiences.

Social Networking Phobia

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As we known, there are so many people in different groups, ages, and genders that use social networking sites. Social Networking is the grouping of individuals groups based on specific interest that members of the group may share or other words refers to as web-based services a list of other users with whom they share a connection.

There are many online Social Networks group that have become established, including Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr and Twitter. Usually, these kinds of networks are used for the users to connect their real friends and families, such as sharing their own pictures and easier for them to communicate rather than talk on the phone and e-mail.

Social networking Phobia, or socialis commissura phobia, is caused by the fear of posting something online and then having your posts or photos found by someone you know, or maybe even your employer or future employer.

As more and more people get online and start using social networking sites, more and more people are in danger of having their personal lives found out. If you post something about your sex life and your mom found it, you might be devastated. If you post photos of you at a wild party and your boss found it, you could be fired.

Generalized social phobia is characterized by fear/avoidance of social situations and fear of being judged negatively by others,” the authors write as background information in the article. “It is the most common anxiety disorder in the general population, with the lifetime prevalence estimated at 13.3 percent, and it is associated with a high risk for depression, alcohol and drug abuse and suicide.” What matters is that Social Phobia and Social networking Phobia are same concept but the second one is for our age.