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Iraq urged to stop deportation of Iranian Ahwazi refugees

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on January 15, 2011

Amnesty International has urged the Iraqi authorities to prevent the forcible return to Iran of several members of the Ahwazi Arab minority amid fears that they would be at serious risk of torture and other human rights violations in Iran.

Two recognized refugees, Shahhed Abdulhussain Abbas Allami and Saleh Jasim Mohammed al-Hamid, are currently being detained in Basra prison, while a third man has already been transferred to the custody of Iranian officials in Iraq.

At least three other Ahwazi Arabs, all members of the same family, are also at serious risk. They are believed to have been detained by the Iraqi authorities at the request of the Iranian government because their father is an Iranian political activist, currently exiled. Two members of this family, both aged under 18, have already been handed to Iranian officials in Iraq and their subsequent fate is unknown.

“The Iraq authorities must not allow these members of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority to be sent back to Iran,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s director for the Middle East and North Africa.

“In the past other cases of Ahwazi Arabs forcibly returned to Iran have faced torture. Amnesty International fears that these individuals would be at real risk of human rights violations if they are returned, and it would be a breach of Iraq’s obligations under international law.”

States are not permitted to return individuals to countries where they would be at risk of torture or other serious human rights violations.


Iran urged to drop prison sentences against human rights activists

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on January 13, 2011

Amnesty International has denounced the prison sentences imposed on two leading Iranian human rights defenders and urged the authorities to drop all charges against them.

Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been jailed for 11 years on charges of “acts against national security”, “anti-regime propaganda” and belonging to the Centre for Human Rights Defenders.

The charges relate to her human rights work after the country’s disputed 2009 presidential elections. It appears that Sotoudeh may not yet have been told the verdict and sentence imposed on her.

Journalist Shiva Nazar Ahari had her four-year prison sentence imposed for “acts against national security” and other charges, confirmed by an appeal court on Sunday. She may also face flogging; it remains unclear whether this part of her original sentence, subsequently converted to a cash fine, has been reinstated.

“The sentences imposed on Nasrin Sotoudeh and Shiva Nazar Ahari are outrageous and make a mockery of justice,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s director for the Middle East and North Africa.

“Both women have been sentenced on account of their courageous defence of human rights and the very standards and values which the Iranian government is bound by international treaties to uphold,” said Malcolm Smart. “It is truly a sorry state of affairs when such actions can be branded a threat to national security or the peddling of propaganda.”

“Nasrin Sotoudeh is a prisoner of conscience and must be released immediately and unconditionally. Shiva Nazar Ahari should not be made to serve her sentence – it should be immediately withdrawn.”


An Iranian woman is due to be executed for killing her lover’s wife

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on December 1, 2010

Citing Iranian media reports, the human rights group said the lawyer of Khadijeh “Shala” Jahed has said she is to be executed in Tehran’s Evin prison at dawn, and that she maintained her innocence.

Her case has become a cause celebre in the Islamic republic. She was found guilty in 2002 of killing Laleh Saharkhizan, the wife of footballer Nasser Mohammad Khani, who rose to fame in the mid-80s. She has been in prison ever since.

“Shahla Jahed must be spared execution. The death penalty represents the ultimate denial of human rights,” Malcolm Smart, Amnesty director for the Middle East and North Africa, said in a statement.

“As well, in this case, there are good reasons to suggest that she may have been wrongly convicted.”

Amnesty said Jahed, who had contracted a temporary marriage with Nasser Mohammad Khani, essentially becoming his mistress, was convicted of stabbing to death her husband’s “permanent wife”.

Amnesty said Jahed’s lawyer had requested a review of the execution order arguing that the case had not been properly investigated.

In the Shia faith that is the majority religion in Iran, men and women can marry for an agreed period of time. Afterwards, the marriage is null and void, although it can be renewed.

Men can have up to four permanent wives, and any number of temporary wives. Women can only be married to one man at a time.

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Economic, social and cultural rights for all

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Billions of women, men and children face levels of deprivation that undermine the right to live with dignity.

Amnesty International History Video

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Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected for everyone.

We believe human rights abuses anywhere are the concern of people everywhere.

Saedeh Rahimi – Iran & The Islamic Regime

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Saedeh describes her experiences in Iran after the Islamic regime announces mandatory dress code, the hijab, for women, She now expresses how she felt during those times through her paintings.

A Face 4 Freedom, Human rights in Iran

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A Face for Freedom campaign in Trafalgar Square, London. Also a street show made awareness on some of the crimes of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard . (An inspiring clip)

Fighting against the death penalty in Iran: Mohammed Mostafaei

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Forced to flee the country, stoning case defence lawyer Mohammed Mostafaei talks to Amnesty International

Stoning case lawyer is “an important loss”

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Amnesty International’s Iran expert says exile of lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei will be a blow to human rights in Iran.