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French police seized 111 kilograms of cocaine after the massive seizure

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on November 28, 2010

French police seized 111 kilograms of cocaine — worth about $9.3 million — from a luxury apartment on the outskirts of Paris on Saturday.

Four people were detained in the incident — two French, one Iranian and one Venezuelan, police told CNN affiliate BFM-TV.

Paris Judiciary Police Director Christian Flaesch called the location of such a large seizure unusual.

“It’s rare, indeed, to find this in an apartment,” he said. “It’s usually in a warehouse or boats but not in apartments. You obviously need an important network to bring such a quantity to France and to have the capacity to distribute it after that.”

Video of the apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine showed the cocaine packaged in dozens of clear plastic bags lying inside several suitcases.

Recently a massive drug seizure by Nigerian authorities yielded $9.9 million in high-grade heroin bound for Europe, Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said.

The shipment was seized in the Apapa port in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city. It was not clear when the seizure was carried out.

There may be some relations between these two incidents since Iranians are involved in both and the high-grade heroin was bound for Europe.


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