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Not clear Iran sanctions will work

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on November 18, 2010

Israel’s top military officer on Wednesday said it remains unclear if economic sanctions against Iran will convince Tehran to give up its nuclear program.

“The real question here is, is it sufficient enough to persuade” Iran to abandon its nuclear work and “that’s to be determined,” Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi said after talks with his US counterpart, Admiral Mike Mullen.

“We still have some time to watch it and see what will be the final outcome,” Ashkenazi told reporters at the Pentagon.

Asked how much time Israel was willing to wait, he said it would not be “appropriate” to discuss a possible deadline.

He said that Israel supported the current US-led approach focused on a fresh round of punitive sanctions.

Mullen standing alongside Ashkenazi, said that sanctions were proving more effective than some skeptics had predicted.

“I’ve certainly seen a body of evidence that indicates the sanctions are taking their toll, much more rapidly than some had anticipated,” Mullen said.

But he said “all options remain on the table, including military options.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently told US Vice President Joe Biden that only a “credible” threat of military action would stop Iran from developing the atomic bomb, a senior Israeli official said.


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