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Security ‘violent’ at French ambassador’s house in Tehran

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on November 17, 2010

It said France had summoned the Iranian ambassador in Paris to complain.

“On November 14, particularly serious incidents took place at the entry to the ambassadorial residence in Tehran,” the French ministry said in a statement.

“Its entry was blocked by unidentified security services who proceeded to arrest guests of the French ambassador and carried out unacceptable acts of violence including against French diplomatic personnel,” it added.

“French authorities this morning summoned the ambassador of Iran in Paris to express their strongest condemnation of this extremely serious violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations,” it said.

“One member of the embassy’s diplomatic team was even treated violently,” the official said.

France and Iran have had strained relations in recent months, with France backing tough new UN sanctions against Iran in June for its nuclear programme and pressing it on the issue of human rights.

France said in February that stones were thrown at the French, German and Italian embassies in Tehran by pro-government activists.

Iranian hardliners threatened to overrun the British embassy also in Tehran after the Islamic regime accused the intelligence services of supporting terrorist attacks inside Iran.

Iranian newspapers said that British intelligence was offering terrorist groups a $20,000 (£13,000) bounty for attacks on officials and installations.

Heydar Moslehi, Iran’s interior minister accused MI6 of supporting at least two underground groups it has branded as terrorists.

In my opinion, if something happened once, it increases the chance of it happening again. They’ve got to get their staff out of there before it’s too late. Americans also never could imagine what can happen.


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