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This is the real Egypt

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on October 25, 2010

The Administrative Court upheld a previous ruling that ends police supervision on university campuses in Egypt.

Led by Counselor Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, head of the State Council, the court’s verdict makes the presence of interior ministry security illegal, and says Egyptian universities should instead employ civilian guards.

About two years ago, the March 9 Movement — a group of Cairo University professors who press for university autonomy and academic freedom — filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court calling for an end to police interference in universities’ affairs.

Even though the ruling is final and cannot be appealed, some lawyers expect the interior ministry or the university administration to procrastinate its implementation.

“The ruling is final. But the interior ministry can still avoid it in one way or another,” Ahmed Seif El-Islam, a lawyer with the Hisham Mubarak Law Center, told Daily News Egypt.

“For example police forces can be placed outside the university fence or they can don civilian uniforms and be supervised by the university instead of the interior ministry,” he added.

According to Seif El-Islam, “The police control of universities violates the constitution which guarantees the independence of universities.”

Earlier this month, a female student at Al-Azhar University’s Zagazig branch in Sharqiya governorate was reportedly beaten up by a police officer after questioning why he asked to search her. The student reportedly suffered severe injuries that required hospitalization.

The incident caused outrage among university students nationwide after a video of the incident recorded via a colleague’s mobile was circulated on some websites. Several groups on the social networking website Facebook were created, calling for legal action against the officer.

Students also allege that police interfered in the recent student union elections, excluding dozens of students who belong to political groups from electoral lists.

“The rights of students have been violated, especially with [recurrent] police interference in university affairs,” March 9 member Awatef Abdel-Rahman previously told Daily News Egypt.

In response to the recent events, the March 9 Movement vowed full support of the students through a campaign named “Defending Egypt’s Students.”

Several human rights advocates and lawyers have joined forces with the professors, filing a number of lawsuits in a bid to end such violations and seek punishment for those responsible.

Personally I’d like to ask you people not to close your eyes on what is happening in Egypt. Their freedom movement is real as the Green movement. Always Iran and Egypt were the moderate countries on that region of the world, but now they’re both worst human rights abusers.


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