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Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on October 16, 2010

The popular social media website Twitter has turned into the world’s greatest cocktail party, and no one has to clean up afterward, or even pay the tab. It’s the new electronic campfire we sit around to talk and campaign for Human Rights and laugh and even sing. It’s an endless conversation like no other, and it’s just starting to pick up steam. We’ve all heard about how news breaks on Twitter before it hits any of the traditional journalistic outlets, and how it’s being used by emergency responders in difficult situations around the world. But the potential overall cultural impact of Twitter is just beginning to be glimpsed.

This social network we call “Twitter” is not about an international announcement or your less than 100 followers how you slept last night or what your dog ate for breakfast, though that is certainly permitted. And it’s not just about high profile persons, or who can attract the most followers the quickest. It’s about building a new form of community. It’s about learning. It offers support, inspiration, and daily motivation. And it’s also about fun. But the most important aspect of Twitter may be that, if you do things right, you begin to surround yourself with an incredible group of people eager to share their best questions and insights about life. They’re all seeking new wisdom and hope. Twisdom is has evolved from it.

There is a debate in social networking about quality versus quantity of connections, followers and friends. We think there is quality in quantity and therefore like to grow our online networks.  The more people you can connect with, the greater the content will be and more varied the prospective to learn from.

Birth of Twitter is almost like another birth (rebirth) of Internet and the communication concepts. Still lots of us don’t know about the power of Twitter and its capabilities, but as you start using it, you will recognize and experience them through the time.


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