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It is difficult to hide what everybody knows

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on October 8, 2010

A former Revolutionary Guards officer, Reza Kahlili: “Saeidabadi means that Iran should be prepared with the capability of nuclear weapons to respond” if an enemy were to launch a nuclear strike against Iran, says Kahlili, author of a recent memoir, “A Time to Betray.”

“The use of nuclear technology for peaceful means is just a front,” Kahlili told Newsmax. “They are prepared to go to war and will not give up the bomb project, which they feel is very close to being able to arm their ballistic missiles with nuclear war heads.”

This is the first time that a senior Iranian government official (Saeidabadi) has made an authorized public statement acknowledging that Iran has developed the military doctrine needed to employ nuclear weapons on the battlefield.

Similarly, if Iran and the United States get engaged in naval clashes in the Persian Gulf, Iran should “use its sea power for hit-and-run attacks, commando attacks, and use anti-shipping missiles” against U.S. naval vessels.

“But if the United States launches an unconventional attack, Iran needs to respond with a nuclear strategy,” the Iranian defense ministry analyst contends.

Ahmadinejad’s chief of staff Esfandiar Mashai claimed that during his boss’ visit of an exhibition on the achievements of the center for laser science and technology last year, Ahmadinejad talked of the “possibility of uranium enrichment to 100 percent” by Iran. He then completed his remarks by saying that these words meant making a nuclear bomb, and added that “not a single foreign media outlet created an uproar on this.”

Another sentence that Mehr quotes Mashai to have said is this: “Laser activities can assistance in weapon enrichment activities.”


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