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Iran arrests nuclear spies! …

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on October 2, 2010

Iran’s intelligence minister said on Saturday authorities had arrested several “nuclear spies” who were working to derail Tehran’s nuclear programme through cyberspace.

Without saying how many people were arrested or when, Heydar Moslehi was quoted on state television’s website as saying Iran had “prevented the enemies’ destructive activity.”

Moslehi said intelligence agents had discovered the “destructive activities of the arrogance (Western powers) in cyberspace, and different ways to confront them have been designed and implemented.”

“I assure all citizens that the intelligence apparatus currently has complete supervision on cyberspace and will not allow any leak or destruction of our country’s nuclear activities.”

The website said Moslehi emphasized that his ministry was aware of the different activities of “enemies’ spy services.”

“We have always faced the destructive action of these (spy) services and a number of nuclear spies have been arrested,” he said.

Stuxnet, which was publicly identified in June, is a self-replicating malware found lurking on Siemens systems, mostly in India, Indonesia and Pakistan, but the heaviest infiltration appears to be in Iran, researchers say.

The reason that Moslehi came and talk about all with details which means how big the damages are. Iranian regime always lie and always you should hear what they say, but believe completely vice versa. That’s what Iranians inside Iran do mostly.

The reports on Iran show a fairly steady drop in the number of centrifuges used to enrich uranium at the main Natanz plant. After reaching a peak of 4,920 machines in May 2009, the numbers declined to 3,772 centrifuges this past August, the most recent reporting period. That is a turn down of 23 percent.

This is a proof to see how easy Iran’s intelligence minister lies like his boss, Ahmadinejad.


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