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Iran-Africa Bizarre relations

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on September 21, 2010

Tanzania’s visiting Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives Stephen Masato Wassira called on Iranian private sector to invest in the East African country.

“We in Tanzania are willing to attract investment of the Iranian private sector,” Wassira told Fars News Agency.

The minister lauded the two countries’ close ties, and stated that “Tanzania enjoys good relations with Iran and we want an expansion of ties with Tehran in all fields such as agriculture and development of infrastructures.”

He expressed hope that his visit to Iran would help increase bilateral ties.

The Tanzanian minister was in Tehran to take part in a high-profile forum on Iran-Africa ties.

High-ranking officials from different African states gathered in Tehran last Tuesday to discuss ways to boost cooperation between Iran and the African continent in the ‘Iran-Africa Forum’.

Tanzania’s Industry is mainly limited to processing agricultural products and light consumer goods. Tanzania has vast amounts of natural resources including gold, diamonds, coal, iron ore, uranium for sure and other minerals. It is the third-largest producer of gold in Africa after South Africa and Ghana.

You do the math, which kind of industrial cooperation Iran-Tanzania can have when their industry is processing agricultural goods? Some experts believe Iran’s regime is looking for a Uranium ore supplier, Like what their master (Abdul Qadeer Khan) did before. Because Pakistan also like Iran doesn’t have enough uranium mines which supply their nuclear weapons program. No one knows how far they went until now. In 2003 Saddam Hussein also was seeking to purchase uranium from another African country, Niger.

Tehran’s efforts to boost ties and cooperation with Africa have led to its acceptance as an observing member of the African Union (AU), where it has shown an active presence in the AU summit meetings. This should be treated as wakeup call.


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