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Twitter, effective source of information

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on September 18, 2010

An unprecedented analysis reveals that the micro-blogging service is remarkably effective at spreading “important” information.

Four researchers from the Department of Computer Science at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have performed a multi-part analysis of Twitter. They conclude that it’s a surprisingly interconnected network and an effective way to filter quality information.

In a move unprecedented in the history of academic research on Demi Moore’s chosen medium for feuding with Kim Kardashian, Kwak et al. built an array of 20 PCs to slurp down the entire contents of Twitter over the course of a month. If you were on Twitter in July 2009, you participated in their experiment.

Earlier work suggested that the best way to get noticed on Twitter was to tweet at certain times of day, and Kwak et al.’s paper sheds some light on why this is the case: “Half of retweeting occurs within an hour, and 75% under a day.”

“67.6% of users are not followed by any of their followings in Twitter,” they report. “We conjecture that for these users Twitter is rather a source of information than a social networking site.”

Twitter started out like any other insanely successful startup.  It found a niche, raised money through several rounds of VC funding, found a clever way to market itself, and blew up.  Today (as of late February 2010) Twitter sees over 50 million tweets per day, which equates to 600 tweets per second, according to their blog.  Twitter got its start on the web, but it wasn’t long before independent companies started developing clients that interact with the social network.  Many of you probably use TweetDeck, Seesmic, Twicca, Touiteur or a number of other Twitter clients either on your desktop, mobile device, or both—which brings us to the point at hand.


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