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Coming this Fall… IRANIUM

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The threat of Iran’s nuclear program is not going away.

Free Shiva Nazar-Ahari Political Prisoner in Iran – Since June 2009

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Shiva Nazar-Ahari, human rights activist has been imprisoned by the Iranian regime since June 2009. She is soft-spoken and beautiful. Yet her perseverance is something to write books about. She has never backed down from her beliefs.

Find Neda’s murderer

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Hajar Rostami, mother of Iranian post-election victim Neda Agha-Soltan, appealed to international human rights organizations and tribunals to identify the murderer of her daughter.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran website reports that the mother of the young woman who was shot to death in Tehran during last summer’s street protests against election fraud has announced that her efforts in identifying the murderer of her daughter have failed.

Hajar Rostami exclaims: “I have nothing to tell the government. I have kept silent all this while; now, I just want the world to hear my appeal and find Neda’s murderer.”

She adds that Iranian authorities have treated her with respect; however she also says that “there has been an extensive effort to distort the truth about her daughter’s death.”

She listed the films aired on Islamic Republic television, statements made by authorities and leading clerics and Ezatollah Zarghami, head of Iran’s national broadcasting, Seda va Sima as clear instances of their efforts in distortion of her daughter’s life and death.

Hajar Rostami says: So far they have made three films. Each time they have contradicted their last statements. But I am Neda’s mother and I know, she had gone out to join the street protests and was killed by their forces.”

She adds that these programs are only “to say that we have a free country…but no one believes these lies; not the people of Iran, or the people of the world.”

On the other hand, French first lady Carla Bruni was branded as a “prostitute” and “immoral” by Iranian news outlets on Monday after she expressed support for an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning.

As you all remember Iran’s regime and its media used to call Neda a prostitute also. They always label people which they’re not on their side same as what happen in North Korea.  The Paradox is whomever that labeled by Iran’s government aggressively; people react and like them more.

John Hagee – A Nuclear Iran

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In this message, titled “Can America Survive A Nuclear Iran?”, Pastor Hagee talks about the consequences of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.



A message to the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Stop the crimes against humanity.

Human experimentation or Medical torture?

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The influential Persian Muslim physician, Avicenna (Ibn Sina) introduced the use of biomedical research, clinical trials, randomized controlled trials, drug tests and efficacy tests on human subjects.

Human dissections were carried out by Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar), who introduced the use of experimentation in surgery during the 12th century.

In the 1900s, as the progress of medicine began to accelerate, the concept of the various codes of ethics of scientific disciplines changed dramatically, and the treatment of research subjects along with it.

Walter Reed’s well-known experiments to develop an inoculation for yellow fever led these advances. Reed’s vaccine experiments were carefully scrutinized, however, unlike earlier trials.

Infamous cases of human subjects abuse in the 20th century were conducted by the Nazis during World War II, an example of research involving prisoners which came to light in the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial and led to the Nuremberg Code of ethical conduct for human subjects research.

There have been numerous human experiments performed in the United States, which have been considered unethical, and were often performed illegally, without the knowledge, consent, or informed consent of the test subjects.

Many types of experiments were performed including the deliberately infecting people with deadly or debilitating diseases, exposing people to biological and chemical weapons, human radiation experiments, injecting people with toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, interrogation/torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children and mentally disabled individuals. In many of the studies, a large number of the subjects were poor racial minorities or prisoners.

Between 1960 and 1971, the Department of Defense funded non-consensual whole body radiation experiments on poor, black cancer patients, who were not told what was being done to them. Patients were told that they were receiving a “treatment” that might cure their cancer, but in reality the Pentagon were attempting to determine the effects of high levels of radiation on the human body. One of the doctors involved in the experiments, Robert Stone, was worried about litigation by the patients, so he only referred to them by their initials on the medical reports. He did this so that, in his words, “there will be no means by which the patients can ever connect themselves up with the report”, in order to prevent “either adverse publicity or litigation”.

From 1960 to 1971, Dr. Eugene Saenger, funded by the Defense Atomic Support Agency, performed whole body radiation experiments on more than 90 poor, black Americans. He forged consent forms, and did not tell them what he was doing (they thought they were receiving medical care). He exposed their chests to 100 rads of radiation (the equivalent of about 7500 x-rays), which caused intense pain, vomiting, and bleeding from their nose and ears. At least eight, and as many as 20, of the subjects died as a result of the experiments.

In 1963, University of Washington researchers irradiated the testes of 232 prisoners to determine the effects of radiation on testicular function. When these inmates later left prison and had children, at least four of them had offspring born with birth defects. The exact number is unknown because researchers never followed up on the status of the subjects.

There have been reports of North Korean human experimentation. These reports show human rights abuses similar to those of Nazi and Japanese human experimentation in World War II. These allegations of human rights abuses are denied by the North Korean government.

In North Korea, entire families are jailed if one family member is suspected of anti-government sentiments.

In 2006 Human Rights Watch reported that pro-Moscow Chechen forces under the command, in effect, of President Ramzan Kadyrov, as well as federal police personnel, used torture to get information about separatist forces. “If you are detained in Chechnya, you face a real and immediate risk of torture. And there is little chance that your torturer will be held accountable,” said Holly Cartner, Director Europe and Central Asia division of HRW.

On February 1, 2009, the New York Times released extensive evidence to support allegations of consistent torture and executions under the Kadyrov government. The accusations were sparked by the assassination in Austria of a former Chechen rebel who had gained access to Kadyrov’s inner circle, 27-year old Umar Israilov.

Most Chechens are Sunni Muslim, the country having converted to Islam between the 16th and the 19th centuries. Most of the population follows either, the Shafi’i, Hanafi, or Maliki schools of jurisprudence, fiqh. The Shafi’i school of jurisprudence has a long tradition among the Chechens and thus it remains the most practiced.

The state of human rights in Iran has been criticized both by Iranians and international human right activists, writers, and NGOs. The United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Commission have condemned prior and ongoing abuses in Iran in published critiques and several resolutions.

The government of Iran is criticized both for restrictions and punishments that follow the Islamic Republic’s constitution and law, and for actions that do not, such as the torture, rape, and killing of political prisoners, and the beatings and killings of dissidents and other civilians.

What Would A Nuclear War Look Like?

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Wake up before it’s too late …

Embedding disabled by request , Just click on the Watch on Youtube.

Ahmadinejad: “We are ready for the end of days”

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A message to the people of the World from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:
“We are ready for the end of days (Armageddon) and We pray that this day comes sooner”.

Chavez and Hassan Nasrallah in the same league

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During the Iranian Industries and Mines Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian’s visit to Caracas, the two countries established some technical workgroups to accelerate their joint projects.

Heading an industrial and economic delegation the Iranian minister left Tehran for Caracas on Wednesday.

 During his visit, Mehrabian has held meetings with the Venezuelan Vice President Ramiro Valdés Menendez and the nation’s Minister of Science and Technology.

 Mehrabian also opened Iran’s industrial capacities show in Venezuela on Thursday. As we know Iran’s regime offered to help Venezuela for its uranium mining also.

 Over 30 Iranian companies active in different fields such as oil and refinery, carpet and handicrafts, dried nuts and foods, tractor and automobile manufacturing, and home appliances are showcasing their latest achievements in the 4-day event.

 Iran has carried out several projects in Venezuela including car and tractor manufacturing units, 13 dairy factories, and cement production units.

 In January, the Iranian Ministry of Industries and Mines announced that 70 projects, mostly run by private sector companies, were being implemented in Venezuela.

 The projects are mostly in the areas of automobile and tractor manufacturing and the construction of cement and dairy factories.

Chavez pledged that Venezuela would “stay by Iran at any time and under any condition”. Ahmadinejad called Chavez a kindred spirit. “I feel I have met a brother and trench mate after meeting Chavez.” Chavez said he “admired the Iranian president for ‘his wisdom and strength'”, saying, “We are with you and with Iran forever. As long as we remain united we will be able to defeat (U.S.) imperialism, but if we are divided they will push us aside.”

Hezbollah also has ties with Venezuela and has demonstrated a keen interest in extending its activities to other parts of Latin America. As of the early 1990s, Hezbollah had established a presence in the tri-border area between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. This lawless zone enables the Khomeinist network to develop illegal financial activities and train and plan for terrorist attacks in the region. The 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center there are prime examples of Tehran’s terrorist activities and global reach.

Al Jazeera’s Dima Khatib, reports that Chavez was the first head of state to harshly condemn Israel over the Israeli-Lebanon conflict, even before any Arab or Muslim country. His decision to withdraw his charge d’affaires from Tel Aviv has created a following in the Arab world so dedicated that “many [Arabs] declare they are ‘ready to die for’ Chavez.” Khatib says that “The sure thing is that in the mind of millions of Arabs, Chavez is now in the same league as Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, and other ‘heroic’ Arab figures.”

Dr. Ajami reveals 57% of Arabs OPPOSE the Ground Zero Mosque

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Bill Bennett interviews Dr. Fouad A. Ajami about Middle East affairs. Ajami reveals a surprising poll that 57% of the Middle East Arabs oppose the Ground Zero mosque. He also discusses a nuclear Iran.