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Middle East or Nuclear Wasteland!

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Jordan, the only Middle East country with confirmed uranium, is estimated to have around 140,000 tonnes in its uranium reserves plus a further 59,000 tonnes in phosphate deposits. Although no uranium has been mined yet, it was announced in 2008 that the Jordanian Government signed an agreement with the French Company AREVA to explore for uranium. This will benefit them on building a future nuclear plant in Jordan.

Since the beginning of 2010, the government of Jordan has been seeking approval from the U.S. for producing nuclear fuel from Jordan’s uranium for use in nuclear power plants that Jordan plans to build. Jordan is not required to obtain U.S. approval since, as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Jordan has every right to produce nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes. However, in view of the U.S.-led sanctions against Iran over Iran’s nuclear program, Jordan is first seeking US approval to avoid a fate similar to that of Iran. The government of Israel, not a signatory of the NPT, has made clear to Washington its objection to Jordan’s nuclear energy program. According to Haaretz, Jordan learned that the US position is essentially the Israeli position, and the U.S. has rejected Jordan’s request for approval.

Pakistan operates two reactors, is building a third, and is considering two more. The current total nuclear generating capacity is 425 Mwe.

Despite being the third largest oil exporter in the world, United Arab Emirates is installing nuclear powered plants to meet their electricity demand, which is estimated to increase from 15.5 GWe to over 40 GWe in 2020. In December, 2009 US and UAE signed an agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation. UAE has also signed Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), along with the additional protocol.

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has won a $20 billion bid to build nuclear power plants in UAE. Braka was chosen as the site to build four commercial nuclear power plants successively, with the first scheduled to start supplying electricity in 2017.

Syria abandoned its plans to build a VVER-440 reactor after the Chernobyl accident. The plans of nuclear program were revived at the beginning of 2000s when Syria negotiated with Russia to build a nuclear facility that would include a nuclear power plant and a seawater atomic desalination plant.

Yemen has called for establishing The Arab Atomic Energy Agency for nuclear researches and using them for peaceful means, especially generating electricity.

After Iran, Saudi Arabia wants to go nuclear. Like many developing nations, the kingdom has seen its electricity demand soar in recent years—more than 8 percent annually—and is actively searching for alternatives to fossil fuels. Enter nuclear power: last month Saudi Arabia announced a joint initiative with Japan’s Toshiba and American firms the Shaw Group and Exelon to build and operate at least two nuclear power plants in the country.

Of course, Saudi Arabia’s hardly alone in the Middle East in its desire for nuclear power. But unlike its poorer neighbors, it’s got the money to see its plans to fruition. However, the country’s legendary secrecy about its internal workings has some analysts worried about its nuclear ambitions.

Western officials also fear that Saudi Arabia could join a nuclear defense pact with Pakistan (both Sunni majority countries) in order to protect against intimidation from Shiite-majority Iran.

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Civil Right Activists gathering- London- Chelsea Hall

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On 25th of july a group of civil right activists gathered outside “The Chelsea Town Hall, Hornton Street, London ” to oppose antoher event hosted by the represantatives of the Islamic republics of iran .

One-year anniversary for three American hikers held by Iran

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“CNN’s Richard Roth reports on the one-year anniversary for three American hikers held by Iran.”

Giving more carrots is dead wrong

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Iran’s atomic chief Ali Akbar Salehi said on Friday that Tehran was ready to hold talks with the United States, Russia and France “in the next few days” on a nuclear fuel swap.

“We are ready even in the next few days to start negotiations with the other parties” over the fuel swap, Salehi was quoted as saying by Mehr news agency.

The State Department announced yesterday that it is prepared to re-engage and restart the aborted talks over the deal reached last October concerning the enriched uranium for Tehran’s research reactor. This is a big deal. Said P.J. Crowley, the State Department spokesman: “We obviously are fully prepared to follow up with Iran on specifics regarding our initial proposal involving the Tehran research reactor also as well as, you know, the broader issues of trying to fully understand the nature of Iran’s nuclear program. We hope to have the same kind of meeting coming up in the coming weeks that we had last October.”

According to US officials, the new talks are likely to begin at the technical level. But they could quickly escalate to more senior officials.

How fuel swap or engaging are going to help Iranian people other than giving more carrots to the brutal regime and disappointing those who seek their basic Human Rights and Justice. If Obama make another mistake about his Iran’ policies, Iranians will spit on his face like his preceding. Iranians are tired of your old cliché politics which goes nowhere and doesn’t bring any freedom, Justice and Human Rights for people in Iran, Good Luck with your Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. Obama.

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi interviews with David Nazar on PBS in the United States

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Featured Interview: Reza Pahlavi David Nazar interviews the Former Crown Prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi.

Part 1

Part 2

The Iran Hostage Crisis

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On November 1979, the United States Embassy was taken over by Iranian revolutionists. This is the story of 6 embassy workers who took a daring escape to freedom.

Iran must end harassment of stoning case lawyer

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Amnesty International has urged the Iranian authorities to stop harassing human rights lawyers amid continuing uncertainty over the whereabouts of the defence counsel in a recent controversial stoning case and the arrest of two of his relatives.  

Mohammad Mostafaei’s whereabouts have been unknown since shortly after he was released from questioning by judicial officials last Saturday.

Late that evening, the Iranian authorities detained his wife and brother-in-law, prompting fears that they are being held to put pressure on Mohammed Mostafaei to turn himself in to the authorities, if he is not already being detained.

The acclaimed lawyer is defending Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, whose case became the subject of an international outcry when it was reported that she was soon to be executed by stoning.

He has also defended many juvenile offenders, political prisoners and others sentenced to stoning. Mostafaei has been a vocal critic of the administration of justice in Iran.

“Mohammad Mostafaei is a thorn in the side of the Iranian authorities and we fear that he is being persecuted in an attempt to stop him carrying out his professional activities as a defence lawyer and in support of human rights,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa director.

Mostafaei was summoned for questioning by judicial officials at Tehran’s Evin prison on Saturday but released after several hours. However he later received a telephone call summoning him back to the prison. It is not known whether he complied with this summons or not.

Mohammad Mostafaei’s wife, Fereshteh Halimi, and her brother, Farhad Halimi, were arrested on Saturday evening. They remain held and have been denied access to their lawyer.

Following his interrogation on Saturday, Mostafaei wrote on his blog that he was questioned mainly about his defence of juvenile offenders. He also wrote on his Facebook account: “It is possible they will arrest me”.

“The Iranian authorities appear intent on silencing anyone who speaks out against stoning or other issues where Iran’s international human rights obligations are clearly being violated,” said Malcolm Smart.

“Mohammad Mostafaei should be allowed to get on with his job as a lawyer rather than face arrest himself for trying to defend victims of human rights abuses.

“If Fereshteh and Farhad Halimi are held solely because they are related to Mohammad Mostafaei, or in order to place pressure on him, they are prisoners of conscience and must be immediately released.”

Fereshteh Halimi and Mohammad Mostafaei have a young daughter who is said to be in the care of her maternal grandmother.

Congressman Ackerman Warns Turkey on Undermining Iran Sanctions

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Watch Congressman Gary Ackerman’s opening statement at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, “Turkey’s New Foreign Policy Direction: Implications for U.S.-Turkish Relations.”

Iran, the Manhatan Project

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Iran’s nuclear program

Iran nuclear program

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Iran nuclear program uncovered. A documentart film sold by www.IranianMovies.com

A bit old but for sure it worths to watch.