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The Internet lives where anyone can access it

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on June 26, 2010

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, who is criticized by media freedom groups, called for regulation of the Internet and singled out a website that he said falsely reported the murder of one of his ministers.

“The Internet cannot be something open where anything is said and done. Every country has to apply its own rules and norms,” Chavez said. He cited German Chancellor Angel Merkel as having expressed a similar sentiment recently.

“We have to act. We are going to ask the attorney general for help, because this is a crime. I have information that this page periodically publishes stories calling for a coup d’etat. That cannot be permitted.”

North Korea has a high degree of censorship and no de facto freedom of the press. It is routinely at the bottom of the World Press Freedom Index Rankings published annually by Reporters Without Borders. From 2007 to 2009 North Korea was listed second-to-last of 169 countries (only Eritrea ranked lower), and from 2002 through 2006 it was listed the worst in the world.

In 2006, Reporters Without Borders described North Korea as the world’s worst Internet black hole in its list of the top 13 Internet enemies.

Internet access is illegal in North Korea. Only a very few government officials have access to the internet through a secret rented Chinese connection.

Vietnam extensively regulates Internet access to its citizens, using both legal and technical means. The collaborative project OpenNet Initiative classifies Vietnam’s level of online political censorship to be “pervasive” while Reporters without Borders considers Vietnam one of 13 “internet enemies”.

Internet censorship is severe with banned sites including YouTube. Reporters without borders include Tunisia in the country list of ‘Enemies of the Internet’ together with North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan. In January 2010 US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton mentioned Tunisia and China as the two countries with the greatest internet censorship.

“Close the Internet virus”, ordered the Myanmar military General Than Shwe when Buddhist monks came to the streets demanding freedom last year. The general was more worried about the flow of information through Internet than thousands of monks chanting slogans in the streets of the capital. So is Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe. Chinese leaders and Iranian dictator also apply the same method. It is clear to understand whether Internet is good or bad. It is good for the whole world and bad for a handful of dictators.

The first act of a dictator is to close down the internet service. By doing so the dictators are digging their graves.


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