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How many percent of Iranians support the regime’s nuclear program?

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on June 23, 2010

Do we really know that Iranians support the regime’s nuclear program? This remains a big question for everybody because of the Propaganda. There were lots of proper polls through these years (2006-2010) which I mention below.

According to a February 2006 survey conducted by the state Iranian Students Polling Agency (ISPA), some 85 percent of Iranian citizens are in favor of a continuation of the country’s nuclear activities.

The poll also said that about 75 percent of the citizens called for an expansion of nuclear technology, even in the case of a referral of Iran’s nuclear case to the UN Security Council.

According to The survey, provided to The Associated Press on 2007, was sponsored by Terror Free Tomorrow, 52 percent of Iranians said they favor their country developing nuclear weapons, with the same percent saying their world would be safer if Tehran acquires such arms. Fifty-two percent also said it is important that Iran use its oil and gas revenue to develop nuclear arms.

International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) offered respondents three alternatives regarding the nuclear program. The report released at Feb 2010.

Asked whether Iran should develop nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, only nuclear energy, or have no nuclear program whatsoever, 37 percent of respondents who said they had voted for Mousavi in the 2009 election chose energy and weapons, 57 percent chose nuclear energy only, and only six percent wanted no program at all. The figures for Iranians in general were similar – 38, 55 and three percent, respectively.

The official Iranian News Agency (IRNA) highlighted only the general finding of 85.4 percent majority support for the resumption of the nuclear program. ISPA revealed, however, that the level of support drops to 74.3 percent in the case of referral to the UN Security Council, and drops further in other scenarios—to 64 percent in the case of economic sanctions and to 55.6 percent in the case of military actions against Iran.

Now is six months passed from the last polls by PIPA and Iranians are suffering from poverty and unemployment more than ever before, as its effect percentage of nuclear program supporters drop off much more every day.


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