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Uneasy Neighbors

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on June 20, 2010

Iran’s regime confronts three countries currently which include Afghanistan, Iraq and U.S. but they just haven’t announced these Wars in public. The term is “Unparallel War” which Iran’s regime always wants to take the war to other countries than its territory. For example as much as they can keep U.S. busy in Iraq and Afghanistan to prevent attacking Iran. This is their doctrine for more than three decades.

A recent Pentagon report to Congress on Iran’s military said arms caches found recently in Afghanistan included large amounts of Iranian weapons, including 107 mm rockets that were sent by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force. Manufacturing dates on the arms “suggest lethal support is ongoing,” the report said.

“Tehran’s support to the Taliban is consistent with their historic enmity, but fits with Iran’s strategy of backing many groups to ensure that it will have a positive relationship with the eventual leaders,” the report said.

Sixty percent of the weapons intercepted by Afghan authorities from the Iranian border come directly from the Iranian government, according to Afghan intelligence officials.

Over the past month Iran has continuously and relentlessly shelled villages along its border with Iraqi Kurdistan, displacing thousands, wounding many and killing one 14-year-old girl.

Kurdistan continues to make progress and attract international investors, as exemplified by London’s hosting of a Kurdistan-focused investment conference, while President Barzani’s recent trip to Turkey suggests that relations with neighboring states are also improving.

Sharif Mohammed, a tomato farmer in Haj Omran, said his 8-year old son was injured in a shelling attack this week.

“If Iran feels it can shell my small tomato farm, then it will stop at nothing to shell the parliament buildings in Baghdad,” said Mohammed said.


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