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It is the beautiful bird which gets caged

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on June 18, 2010

The mothers of U.S. hikers urged the Iranian government to either prosecute or free the three held since last year after reportedly crossing the border into the country while hiking in Iraq.

In a statement, the mothers of Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal also called for more consular access for their children and for them to be able to call their families.

They also asked that Shourd be moved from solitary confinement.

“Shane, Sarah and Josh have been detained in Iran without due process for almost 11 months, in continued violation of Iranian and international law,” the mothers said.

On the other hand, Hamas (Iran’s client) captured and abducted Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit on 25 June 2006 by Palestinian militants in a cross-border raid. He was abducted through the Kerem Shalom crossing (in Israel), and has been held as a prisoner in the Gaza Strip by Hamas since then.

Hamas has refused requests from the International Committee of the Red Cross to allow the ICRC to visit Shalit. Several human rights organizations have stated that the terms and conditions of Shalit’s detention are contrary to international humanitarian law. In exchange for his release, Hamas is demanding the release of all female and underage Palestinian prisoners held in Israel, as well as a further 1000 prisoners, a number of which are convicted by Israeli courts on terrorism charges.

Islamic Republic could free two of its agents after they released the French lecturer, Clotilde Reiss.

Ms. Reiss was sentenced to 10 years in prison for spying and e-mailing photographs of the post-election protests. Later, it was commuted to a fine of $285,000, said her lawyer.

The Iranian regime and its clients (Hamas, Hezbollah and Taliban) abduct people and put pressure on their governments to release their agents all around the world. They’re not much difference with Somalia pirates and these regimes; only difference is that pirates are on the water.


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