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Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on June 14, 2010

Today Venezuela is hardly the brutal dictatorship that some critics of Chavez paint it to be. Yet the country’s democratic institutions have suffered considerably since the coup. Chavez and his allies have effectively neutralized the judiciary. While some newspapers and broadcasters are still independent and some are outspoken in their opposition to Chavez, the President and his legislative supporters have strengthened the state’s capacity to limit free speech and created powerful incentives for self-censorship.

The current presidents of Venezuela and Iran, President Hugo Chavez and President Ahmadinejad, respectively, have both described themselves on the world stage as opposed to US imperialism and they use these accusations also to contain Human Rights and freedom of speech.

During the 2009 G-20 London summit, Chavez and Ahmadinejad held their own meeting which they called the “G-2” summit, at which the formation of a joint Iranian-Venezuelan development bank was announced, initially with US$200 million capital.

Iran has stepped up its military presence in Venezuela as part of a program to export its “revolutionary principles” to America’s enemies, according to a Pentagon report.

The report on Iran’s military states that paramilitaries from the Quds Force, a special paramilitary unit attached to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, have “an increased presence in Latin America, particularly Venezuela”.

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been accused of supporting Marxist terrorists in Colombia.

Government opponents have long complained that the Supreme Court — whose members are appointed by the predominantly pro-Chavez National Assembly — has been packed with the president’s allies, giving him nearly unlimited power. Chavez denies holding sway over justices.

In a move that has drawn criticism as an attack on judicial independence in Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez has jailed a criminal court judge. Her transgression, critics of Chavez say, was straying too far from what the government wants.

Human-rights groups say the independent-minded judge, Maria Lourdes Afiuni, was jailed on trumped-up corruption charges after she allowed the release of a former banker who had once benefited from his ties to the government.

In a televised speech the following day, Chavez said Afiuni, 46, deserved a maximum 30-year jail sentence “in the name of the dignity of the country.”

Venezuela and Bolivia are supplying Iran with uranium for its nuclear program, according to a secret Israeli government report obtained by The Associated Press.

As much as Ahmadinejad and Chavez don’t look like each other but their ways for ruling the Governments and suppressing Human Rights, independence media and Government opponents, are the same.


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  1. Miss Cagey said, on November 12, 2010 at 12:13 am

    Detailed article do you mind if i translate into German for our blogs subscribers? Thanks

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