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President Obama Meets with Saudi King Abdullah to Discuss

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Saudi Arabia is America’s enemy, far more than Iran. Al Qaeda is Sunni Wahabbi Islam from Saudi Arabia. These people pray about YOUR death. Our government is playing a treasonous anti-Christian anti-American game on the American people.

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Iran Dont Care! New Harsh Sanction against Iran

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Harsher sanctions against Iran: Will it make a difference to the regime?
If israel has nuclear weapons facing iran, why should iran not have one? No sanction ever worked against Iran,

Castro is freaking out

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When I think about it U.S. react on Iran and Cuba the same way. After Cuban crisis and the overwhelming threat from Castro regime who could believe that U.S. is not going to invade Cuba and same thing about Iran, after more than thirty years of killing, torturing and exploding but U.S. the so called Super Power pretend doesn’t know about American soldiers deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan and what they did to Iran’s nation.

Until today also the Cuban regime is one of the main haters of United States. Both of Iran and Cuba revolutions they were based on anti American ideology and their regimes can exist until the time that they confront U.S. and its allies which they so call it west.

What I mean with the upper program is U.S. policy is wrong if they think it’s possible to make a deal with these brutal regimes, why? Because the main essence of their Ideology is to be Anti-American and at the end they’re going to cheat you.

Cuba supports Iran’s program to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes though the countries agreed to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Former President of Cuba Fidel Castro spoke admiringly of Iran “increasing its ability to fight big powers by the day.”

According to the Christian Science Monitor, relations had been growing “has been under way for some years prior to Ahmadinejad’s ascendancy to the presidency.” Observers of Cuba point to the fact Iran used an electronic jamming station outside Havana which Cuba blocks broadcasting by the US-backed Radio Marti. Iran also worked with Cuba expertise to jam American broadcasting into its borders. Cuba has also helped build a genetic laboratory in Iran.

Cuba is on ONI’s watchlist and on RSF’s internet enemy list. According to Reporters Without Borders, Cuba has the lowest ratio of computers per inhabitant in Latin America, and the lowest internet access ratio of all the Western hemisphere. Citizens have to use government controlled “access points”, where their activity is monitored through IP blocking, keyword filtering and browsing history checking.

Iran is in ONI’s pervasive category and on RSF’s internet enemy list. Iran Internet censorship is delegated to ISPs who attempt to filter contents critical of the government, pornographic websites, political blogs, and especially recently women’s rights websites, weblogs, and online magazines. Bloggers in Iran have been imprisoned for their Internet activities.

“I have no doubt that as soon as U.S. and Israeli warships try to inspect the first Iranian cargo ship … it will be the exact moment when the terrible war will begin,” Castro said in the article, dubbed “Knowing the truth in time.”

“A disaster” is coming “quickly” and a war would start even before the quarter-final of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he added.

Bill Clinton: Iran Poses ‘Suitcase Nuke’ Threat

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The key nuclear threat that Iran poses to the world, according to former President Bill Clinton, is the risk that it may sell dangerous materials that could be used in suitcase bombs. That’s what Clinton said Sunday at the Global Economic Forum in South Africa.

Esther Kaplan: New Evidence on Detained Iran Hikers

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Since their arrest last July by Iranian forces near the Iraq border, three Americans — Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal and Sarah Shourd— have been at the center of a diplomatic struggle between Tehran and Washington. Esther Kaplan is Editor at the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute and has worked closely with Shane Bauer in the past.

Give me liberty, or give me death!

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The ruling clerics might have barred the reformists from government, but they have failed to prove they are capable of taking Iran into the Twenty-first century.

More than thirty years after the revolution, Iran’s economy (supported by one of the world largest oil reveres) is crippled by corruption and negligence. The regime has not produces employment and prosperity. Even if promised of reforms have not borne fruit, underlying desire of change is as strong as ever. Today the Islamic republic of Iran confronts the greatest challenge to its legitimacy ever seen. Its ideology of political Islam has been rejected by its own religious leader and MPs; it has seriously mismanaged what should have a booming economy; and on top of that it must answer to the demands of Iran’s educated and politicized young people who make up a massive 75 per cent of the nation.

During his two terms as president, Khatami advocated freedom of expression, tolerance and civil society, constructive diplomatic relations with other states including EU and Asian governments, and an economic policy that supported free market and foreign investment and support of U.S. attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan and providing intelligent for U.S. Military behind the curtains.  However, Khatami is widely regarded as having been unsuccessful in achieving his goal of making Iran more free and democratic.

In the 2005 presidential elections, Iran made yet another change in political direction, when conservative populist candidate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected over Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

A significant challenge to Ahmadinejad’s political power, and the foundations of the Islamic Republic itself occurred during the 2009 Iranian presidential election that was held on 12 June 2009, the tenth presidential election to be held in the country. The Interior Ministry, announced incumbent president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had won the election with 62.63% receiving 24.5 million vote, while Mir-Hossein Mousavi had come in second place with 13.2 million votes 33,75%. The European Union and several western countries expressed concern over alleged irregularities during the vote, and some analysts and journalists from the United States and United Kingdom news media voiced doubts about the authenticity of the results.

“This is the beginning of the end of the Islamic Republic as we know it,” Maziar Bahari told once to his editors at NEWSWEEK.

Apocalyptic War Prediction In 2010 Syria Iran Israel Hezbollah

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The apocalyptic war Israel and Iran will start before the tribulation! This is a prophetic warning! This war will happen very soon. All the signs are here! Israel knows the technical clock has run out to stop Irans nuclear weapons program.

Part 1

Part 2

A snake deserves no pity

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The transfer of twelve (12) KH-55s from Ukraine to Iran occurred between 1999 and 2001 which means other six missiles transferred to China. This means that Iran has had approximately 10 years to reverse engineer and improve upon the nuclear capable (200kT) KH-55 cruise missiles. This is data is very probably more critical to Israeli military planners than the recent announcements of Hezbollah’s possession of Syrian M-600 (Scud-like) ballistic missiles.

Based on extensive research into this matter, it would appear that the Iranians could strike any target within a radius approximately equal to the distance between Tehran and Athens, Greece. This clearly puts all US CENTCOM and Israeli fixed-position, strategic military targets within the range of these weapons.

Shahab-3 was the first Intermediate-range ballistic missile that was built by Iran’s military. Its first model, also known as Shahab-3A has a range of 1300 km. Soon after Iran came with a new model called Shahab-3B, which has a range of 2000 km, and can carry a heavier warhead. Making this missile was a major step in Iran’s missile industry, and it opened the way to longer range missiles. Shahab-3D, which followed the Shahab-3C, is Iran’s latest Shahab model. A 2,000 km range threatens Russia (as far as Moscow), Ukraine, part of Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Egypt, Arabia, parts of India and China, as well as countries closer to Iran.

The new two-stage solid-fuel missile has a range of nearly 2,000 km; it was tested on the 12th of November 2008. An improved version, the Sajjil-2, was tested on the 20th of May 2009. Improvements include better navigation system, better targeting system, more payload, longer range, faster lift-off, longer storage time, quicker launch and lower detection possibilities.

Iran has enough low-enriched uranium to make two weapons, which it could have prepared and ready for delivery as early as 2012, CIA director Leon Panetta said.

“We think they have enough low-enriched uranium for two weapons,” Panetta told the ABC network’s “This Week” program.

Tehran would need a year to enrich it fully to produce a bomb and it would take “another year to develop the kind of weapon delivery system in order to make that viable,” he said.

I don’t agree with CIA director Leon Panetta, Do you think approximately 10 years is not enough to them to improve upon the nuclear capable (200kT) KH-55 cruise missiles and manufacture more?

They had time for 1999 until 2010 to make delivery systems. Wiser not to underestimate them so much also.

Freedom to Iran

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Iran, a great nation with thousand years of history, culture and heritage still struggling to get rid of religious fanatic regime and get the well deserved freedom.

TEHRAN: Iran & The West Nuclear Confrontation! Part 5/6

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Iran & The West Nuclear Confrontation! Part 5/6 NOTE: The prevoius parts of Documentary uploaded before in the blog.

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