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Armageddon and Hojjatieh

Posted in Uncategorized by fartashphoto on April 15, 2010

In 1979, for the first time in a thousand years, the supreme leader of Iran was made the placeholder for the missing twelfth imam: the messianic figure who vanished in the tenth century and whose return, Shias believes will bring on an era of absolute justice.

Yet one if the biggest ironies of the Islamic Republic is that the most senior religious figures in Shia Islam – like Grand Ayatollahs Sistani and Montazeri – have pronounced as blasphemous the concept of rule by a supreme leader who claims to be God’s representative on earth.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an active member Hojjatieh Society which his guru, Janati leads. The president introduced to the society through the influence of Ayatollah Yazdi who was his mentor.

The organization was founded on the premise that the most immediate threat to Islam was the Bahá’í religion, which they viewed as a heresy that must be eliminated. The group also opposes both Sunniism and the Khomeinist concept of Velayat-e Faqih. An earlier organization was founded by Halabi, the Anjoman-e Imám-e Zaman (called Anjoman-e Zedd-e Bahá’í privately) which later was re-named to the Anjoman-e Hojjatieh Mahdavieh (called Hojjatieh for short) after the Iranian Revolution.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi is reported to be the highest ranking member of the Hojjatieh. He denies this and has said that if anyone finds a connection between him and Hojjatieh, he will denounce everything he stands for.

Asia Times reports that Ahmad Tavassoli, a former chief of staff of Khomeini, claimed in 2005 that “the executive branch of the Iranian government as well as the crack troops of the Revolutionary Guards have been hijacked by the Hojjatieh, which, he implied, now also controls Ahmadinejad.” According to the report, Hojjatieh were endangering Iran by working for Shia supremacy, Feldman writing in 2006 in the New York Times suggests this rumor was spread by Ahmadinejad’s enemies. It is also reported that Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, who was to have been Ahmedinejad’s First Vice President, may be a Hojjatieh member.

The Hojjatieh society has been described as “an underground messianic sect … which hopes to quicken the coming of the apocalypse” in order to hasten the return of the Mahdi, the prophesied future redeemer of Islam. However, according to legal scholar Noah Feldman, the idea that supporters want to bring back the imam by violence, rather than … wait piously and prepare for the imam’s eventual return on his own schedule, is a misinterpretation of the society’s position common “outside Iran”. In fact, the “Hojjatiya Society was banned and persecuted by Khomeini’s government in part for its quiescent view that the mahdi’s arrival could not be hastened.”  Those who adhere to this perspective claim Hojjatieh is a millenarian group who put great stock on the return of the Mahdi and the idea of such a return bringing happiness to true believers.

The Mahdi, a kind of Islamic messiah, who will bring peace and justice — along with universal Islamic rule — to the entire world … Members … of this school believe they must act to speed the Mahdi’s coming.

In a clear parallel with Jewish and Christian visions of Armageddon, Shias believe the Mahdi will return at a time of great turmoil to defeat the forces of evil.

According to an Iranian expatriate known as Azarmehr, these Hojjatieh holding the control of power in Iran “believe he (Imam Mahdi) will reappear again when the world has become full of oppression and tyranny.” Azarhehr goes on to say that the “Hojjatieh… actually believe in the spread of tyranny and oppression” as a means to hasten to the return of the Imam Mahdi. “If you stand in the way of tyranny and oppression then you delay the coming of the Lord of All Ages.” This taken in consideration with the overall context of statements from the Iranian government regarding the existence of Israel, and holocaust denial (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) and the Iranian plan for “the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization” is critical to our national survival and preparations for military action against this Iranian regime.

Now if you think properly about Iran’s nuclear program and regional policies and relations with Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthis and Taliban, doesn’t look they have any problem making enough misery and pain to speed up the Mahdi’s arrival as they believe.

However, it was at his September 17 2005 speech, or rather after it, that all doubt is removed that Ahmadinejad believes himself to be on a mission from God. I reported on this incident a few months ago from an article in National Review, but the News busters piece provides the exact link to the story on Radio Free Europe. During the speech, he “called for the reappearance of the 12th Imam.” Afterwards the following occurred.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that when he delivered his speech at the UN General Assembly in September, he felt there was a light around him and that the attention of the world leaders in the audience was unblinkingly focused upon him. The claim has caused a stir in Iran, as a transcript and video recording of Ahmadinejad’s comments have been published on an Iranian website, baztab.com. There are also reports that a CD showing Ahmadinejad making the comments also has been widely distributed in Iran. Is the Iranian president claiming to be divinely inspired?

Ahmadinejad said that someone present at the UN told him that a light surrounded him while he was delivering his speech to the General Assembly. The Iranian president added that he also sensed it.

“He said when you began with the words ‘in the name of God,’ I saw that you became surrounded by a light until the end [of the speech],” Ahmadinejad appears to say in the video. “I felt it myself, too. I felt that all of a sudden the atmosphere changed there, and for 27-28 minutes all the leaders did not blink.”

At February 18 2010 the U.N. nuclear agency says it’s worried that Iran may currently be experimenting with ways to turn enriched uranium into a nuclear weapon.

This is the first time that the International Atomic Energy Agency has made such concerns public.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What follows will chill you to the bone.

Ahmadinejad means to start a world war.


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